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When we started, we wanted to make it easy. "Drop Dead Simple" kind of easy. We know you have better things to do than build a website. With that in mind, our pricing is also going to be very easy to understand. Ready?

$499 and then $59 a month.

Simple as that. Seriously. No secret fees, no catch.

You get a professionally designed website, hosted on a super fast server, fully managed and backed up weekly.

You'll also get a "No questions asked" 30 day money back guarantee and you can cancel the monthly subscription at any time.



A Security First Approach to WordPress Hosting

Automatic Updates

Your WordPress core is kept up to date to keep your site protected. We’ll also keep all of your plugins and themes up to date.

Consistently Fast Page Loads

Only the best hardware is used on our servers to power your WordPress website. Your site will be built with speed in mind.

Green Hosting!

Your site will be hosted on a server that sources energy from wind and solar! They have a 99.9% uptime rating and a negative 300% carbon footprint! How cool is that?

Real Time Security Scanning

We’ll actively scan & block known vulnerabilities to protect your site, plus real-time 24/7 server monitoring to pro-actively prevent issues.

Brute Force & DDoS Protection

Your site will have the best tools to keep the bad guys out and keep you up and running!

Daily Backups

Your entire website is backed up weekly to our off-site backup servers. (Amazon S3)


Your site will look great on any desktop, tablet or phone.

Pick from one of three great modern designs

Parallax, Magazine, or Hybrid style. Choose the style that best matches your content.

Better SEO

Search Engine Optimization comes with each of these sites. Your site will also have it’s sitemap submitted to Google automatically!

Be found in Google

Did you know that Google will not list NON Mobile Responsive sites in the mobile search results? More than 1/2 of your traffic will come from mobile. Your site will be included in the search results!

Landing Pages

Run better Facebook ad campaigns by sending them to a targeted squeeze page. A squeeze page removes the header, sidebar and footer leaving just the content you want them to concentrate on.

Killer Lead Capture

You’ll have all the custom forms that will allow you to have killer lead capture. You can combine them with landing pages or use them anywhere you like.

Social Media

Your site will have social media icons for your readers to share your content. We'll also create icons that link to all of your social media channels.


You’ll get it all. FAQ, Testimonials, Tracking... Everything!


This custom post type allows each individual question (and answer) to be indexed by Google. That’s a great SEO play as the title of each question more closely matches what people search for in Google. FAQs can also be split into separate categories and displayed in the middle of pages.


A custom post type much like the FAQ but with a different focus. These too can be categorized and then displayed in a variety of ways.

Facebook Tracking Pixel

Harness the power of proper Facebook advertising by using a Facebook Tracking Pixel. The Facebook pixel allows you to place a single pixel across your entire website to report conversions, build audiences and get rich insights about how people use your website.

Google Analytics

You can’t rely just on Facebook. Knowing your audience and what they want is an important success factor for any website. The best way to know your audience is through your traffic stats and this is exactly what Google Analytics provides.

some of our clients websites

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I had the pleasure of working with them on my car website and couldn't be happier with their communication, understanding, patience, and ultimately the final website. they were able to interpret my needs despite my lack of technical terms and knowledge, suggested very helpful changes regardless of their difficulty, and made the entire process easier than I had expected --- and produced an excellent final product that exceeded expectations. They are now my go-to and I highly recommend the same for anyone else.

Eric S

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